Cleveland Air Powered Dock Levelers

Kelley’s patented aFX™ Dockleveler takes you to the next level of performance. While still delivering all the air-powered pluses we introduced to the industry simple, durable, clean-running operation, lubrication and adjustment-free activation, plus minimal moving parts our airDefense™ now eliminates stump-out, offering increased free-fall protection. Our airForce Technology (aFX) means there’s no need to install hydraulic docklevelers to obtain stump-out-free operation. And means doing business without Kelley is dangerous business.

Kelley aFX™ Dockleveler

It’s the original Kelley air-powered dockleveler that revolutionized the industry. In addition to delivering safe, powered performance at a cost comparable to mechanical docklevelers, the aFX™ features airDefense™ Kelley’s proprietary stump-out and free fall protection system. The aFX is also backed by the strongest warranty in the industry, with a lifetime lip hinge assembly warranty, 10-year structural warranty, and a 5-year warranty on the lifting system.

Kelley aFX-S Dockleveler

Kelley’s premier aFX-S Dockleveler provides the same proven air-powered performance, but incorporates a 5″ high, full-width, constant structural steel barrier, capable of withstanding a fully loaded 10,000 lb. forklift at 4 mph. Get 100% full-time safety at dock level, as well as below-dock end-load situations, and prevent accidental forklift runoff. What’s more, the safety-minded aFX-S features airDefense™ to eliminate stump-out.

Kelley aFX-C Dockleveler

The aFX-C is an ideal economical solution for applications needing only the basic air-powered dockleveler performance benefits. It incorporates single push-button control with the standard, high-volume, low-pressure air activation system. Kelley guarantees the aFX-C with a 10-year structural and 5-year activation system warranty.

The Kelley airForce Technology™ series offers safe, simple design, easy maintenance, few moving parts at an affordable price – and now features proprietary airDefense™ technology. Get powered dockleveler performance at a mechanical dockleveler price with the first choice of warehouse operations worldwide.