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With the broadest selection of healthcare products in the industry, Horton makes a difference in the patient experience and hospital efficiency.

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Hospitals and medical facilites have specialized access needs that drive the toughest building codes. Horton continues to address these needs by developing first-to-market systems such as the self-closing smoke-rated ICU/CCU door systems and the first airborne infection isolation room door that requires no power. Staff as well as patients appreciate design details such as Mini-Blind and Opaque glass for privacy, light control and hygiene. Larger openings for moving beds and equipment are also now possible with the smoke-rated telescoping door system.

All around the facility, Horton systems are creating Grand revolving door entrances, hard working interior and exterior doorways in swing, slide or folding solutions, and even drive-up convenience with pharmacy windows. Unlimited custom configurations can be planned for any of these areas to differentiate your design.

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Standard Sliding/Tele ICU

Profiler®-ICU Door Systems

The Profiler®-ICU is available with standard and custom non-smoke rated configurations in single, biparting, and telescoping designs. These systems come standard with recessed pull handles or optional positive latching handles available and clear opening widths of up to 85″. Standard and opaque glass for privacy at the flick of a switch is available.

Smoke-Rated Sliding/Tele ICU

Profiler-ICU Door Systems

Manual sliding doors for ICU applications that exceed the air infiltration requirements of the NFPA 105 standard. Systems are available with positive latching, recessed track or trackless configurations. With concealed high-temperature gasketing or brush designs every door shipped from Horton’s factory has a UL 1784 smoke-rated label applied for easy code compliance. Systems also have self-closing options with no power required and additional glazing including mini-blind glass or fire-rated panels.

Smoke-Rated Swing ICU

Profiler®-ICU SmokeSwing Door Systems

Manual swing doors for ICU applications. Available in equal, unequal, and pair configurations for rough opening sizes ranging from 39½” to 99½”. Systems available with up to 91″ of clear opening area and with mini-blind glass and/or fire-rated panel options.

Bi-Fold/Bi-Swing ICU

Two Door Systems in One

Systems available for openings ranging from six to eight feet with a clear opening of up to 83 inches. Systems are great for small spaces as it reduces rough opening width without sacrificing clear opening space and comes standard with a low profile header.

Negative Pressure Systems

Automatic and Manual Airborne Infection Isolation Systems

Designed to meet the requirements for negative pressure applications with automatic or manual systems available. Systems are self-closing with tested perimeter seals with trackless configurations. Clear openings available up to 48 inches reducing rough opening width without sacrificing opening space. Systems are available with smoke-rated option or factory applied UL 1784 smoke-rated label for easy code compliance. Can be used as a patient room when isolation is not required.

Standard Sliding Corridor

Profiler®-ICU Patient Room Corridor Door Systems

These patient room systems provide greater flexibility allowing doors to be completely or partially open with breakout capability. The systems come with a pocket design allowing up to a clear opening of 48″.

Smoke-Rated Sliding Corridor

Profiler®-ICU Corridor Smoke-Rated

Manual sliding doors for patient and ICU applications that exceed the air infiltration requirements of the NFPA 105 standard. Systems are available with concealed high-temperature gaskets or brush design and includes a factory applied UL 1784 smoke-rated label for easy code compliance verification. With large clear opening widths up to 61 3/4″ and available in narrow, medium, and wide stile configurations, this system is a great way to accentuate your patient room design.

Combination Pressure Systems

Automatic Airborne Infection Isolation Systems

Automatic door system for anteroom configurations. Automatic system with self-closing and push/plate or sensor to ensure doors remain closed. System is tested for low air infiltration and leakage.Horton