Kelley’s full line of Hulk hydraulic, air and mechanical lift tables, turntables and tilters reduce back-related injuries while increasing overall productivity by making products and materials more accessible to the workforce. Kelley Hulk in-plant products automate simple tasks.

Kelley Hulk Tilters

Small parts and components are typically stored in bins and baskets that are difficult to access. Tilters position parts and hard-to-reach objects within easy reach of workers. Tilters minimize reaching and bending over, thus reducing the risk of back injuries. Available in 2,500 to 6,000 lb. capacities, 30 degrees to 45 degrees travel. Operating angle, horizontal to 45 degrees from horizontal.

Kelly Hulk Tilter

Kelley Hulk Air Tilters

Kelley Hulk Air Tilters combine a safe and clean activation system with the ergonomic advantages of tilters. Kelley Hulk Air Tilters utilize an airstroke actuator and come standard with fork pockets to allow portability and ease of installation. Available in 3,000 lb. capacity, 30″ travel.

Kelly Hulk Air Tilter

Kelley Hulk Portable Tilters

Kelley Hulk Portable Tilters combine the ergonomic features of tilters with the mobility of pallet jacks, making them ideal for loading and unloading bins and baskets at multiple work stations. Kelley’s battery-operated Hulk Portable Tilters put small parts and components within reach of workers and improve accessibility of products while reducing the risk of back injuries.

Kelly Hulk Portable Tilter