Portable Plates

Available in either aluminum or steel, truck dockboards compensate for the difference in height between dock and truck. Angle stops lock board firmly in place while safety tread decking prevents slippage.


application where large height differences exist. Built in two sections, units securely lock together and optional adjustable dock-locks firmly hold board in place. Safety tread plate decking assures non-slip traction. Product is available in steel or aluminum construction. Dockboards can be used independently.


Designed to connect your dock with railcar, rugged underbrace fits your loading requirements for safe and positive positioning. Several design applications are available and include rectangular, flared, refrigerator car, car to car and plug door cars. Non-slip decking adds to safety.


Dockboards are made of tough aluminum that gives you a lightweight, high-traction, and corrosive free surface. Because of their light weight, they can be easily moved. Diamond tread plate design assures a non-slip surface for greater safety. Structural steel curbs are bolted on both sides of the dockboard on 6″ centers for greater stability and strength.


Constructed of tough, weather resistant aluminum or heavy-duty steel. Locking legs hold plate safely in position. Angled crown compensates for height differences between dock and truck.