Orbital Fans

The Orbit is designed for spaces where ceiling height, sprinklers or ground obstructions may prevent the use of traditional HVLS fans. Small and powerful, the Orbit uses the same physics principles and technology of HVLS fans to produce a non-turbulent airflow of up to 26,432 cubic feet of air per minute, and costs less than 25 cents per day to operate. Its versatile structure allows strategic placement for optimal airflow, providing an energy-efficient replacement or supplement to traditional HVAC systems.

Orbital Fan

Ideally Suited For:

  • Space or Ceiling Height Limitations
  • Overhead Sprinklers or Other
  • Immobile Obstructions
  • Unconventional Construction

Design Highlights


  • Can be mounted to ceiling or walls
  • Available with 3/8 HP motor and variable frequency drive

Energy Efficiency

  • Lowest KW draw available (.265 kW)
  • Operates for less than $0.25 per day


  • 6 ft (1.8 m) diameter and WickerBill blade design provide maximum air circulation
  • Produces 26,432 CFM (478.5 m3/min)
  • Highest Certified CFM rating in the industry
  • Air flow spread is 20 ft (6 m), and forward throw is 100 ft (30.5 m)


  • Supplied with 25 ft (7.82 m) of VFD cable for reduced cost of installation and controlled distance between control panel and fan.
  • Lockable service disconnect located in line of sight of fan, and complies with OSHA and NEC regulations
  • TC-ER rated motor cable kits meet NEC specifications for “open wiring” and do not require conduit
  • Precision-speed controller includes EMI/RFI filter to comply with FCC, CE and EMC regulations